We may need Noah…

If anyone is planning a trip up into the Dales tomorrow to fish, please check the river levels first.  This is the Skirfare at 18:30 after the storms that have been with us for most of the afternoon, and I can only assume the Wharfe will be the same or worse…

5 thoughts on “We may need Noah…

  1. So lovely to see The Skirfare! We’ve spent many happy hours fishing there and on the Wharfe where Fred Tattersall the Water Bailiff showed us where the fish lay. He used to say it was ideal fishing when the river was colour of Tetleys Beer !


  2. Hi Steve, it was about 34/35 years ago ! Although we haven’t been up fishing for the last couple of years we used to fish at least one week a year. My husband Bill was a member for several years. Bill was going to ring Ken Sleighmaker this evening as we have not heard from him for a while. We might be racing at Pontefract on 18th August and thought we might try for a few days fishing. Bill is looking at the Tenants Arms at the moment to check availability. It looks like it has reopened – again !! Great to see a web site for KAC at last !!


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