Dear Members,

Here is an important update from our Honorary Secretary:

  • The KAC fishing will open 25th March 2021; but
  • We must adhere to HMG’s Covid-19 related guidance and restrictions, in particular, the restrictions on travelling; and
  • Here are the links to the most current HMG ( and Angling Trust ( web pages, where Members can find Covid-19 related advice and guidance.
  • If you do decide to fish please stay safe and follow the rules and guidance.
  • Given the travel restrictions, imposed by the current lockdown rules, there will be no requirement to operate the Slate or manage beat bookings between 25th March 2021 to 29th March 2021 as fishing will be on a local basis only.
  • Consequently there will be no facility to accomodate day ticket anglers.
  • There will be no “Opening Day” breakfast at the Cafe by the Lake because the Cafe will not be open (the current estimated opening date is mid May 2021).
  • The proposed social events and working parties for February and March 2021 have, regrettably, had to be cancelled. We will monitor the prospects of later events taking place but, if we are to be realistic, it currently seems unlikely that we will be able to gather together, as a Club, much before later Summer. The previously communicated idea of holding a June EGM may now be aspirational but we will keep the subject under review. 
  • The next HMG update on Covid-19 restrictions is schedule for 29th March 2021 and I will circulate a note when we know what the impact, of the PM’s update, is on KAC.